Patch cord / Pigtail

This rosette provides protection in connection splices, DROP or PATCH CORD cables from 2.0mm to 3.0mm and flat cables can be used. It is made of flame retardant ABS and flame retardant performance, complying with UL 94v-0

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Núcleo( μm)9/1259/125625/125625/12550/12550/12550/12550/12550/12550/125
Ventana (nm)131015508501300850130085013008501300
Tasa detransmisión
10 Gbps10 Gbps500 mgbps500 mgbps1 Gnps1 Gnps10 Gnps10 Gnps40 Gbps
100 Gbps
40 Gbps
100 Gbps
Atenuación Máxima (dB/KM)0.5 dB0.4 dB0.4 dB0.4 dB3,5dB1,2dB3,5dB1,2dB2,3dB0,6dB
Atenuación Típica (dB/KM)0.4 dB0.3 dB0.3 dB0.3 dB3,0dB1,0dB3,0dB1,0dB2dBo,3dB
Atenuación Min (MHZ/KM)----200Mhz600Mhz1500Mhz500Mhz4700Mhz500Mhz
100 BASE-FX(m)-----2000-2000-2000
100 BASE-LX(m)1500---------
1000 BASE-SX(m)----275-800---
1000 BASE-LX(m)1000-80008000-500----
1000 BASE-ZX(m)-8000--------
10GBASE SR/SW (m)--4000-80004000-8000--300---
10G BASE LR/LW (m)1000-2500---------
10G BASE ER/EW (m)-4000-8000------1000-
1 Gb Ethemet SX (m)----220-1000---
1 Gb Ethemet LX (m)-----600-600550600
10 Gb Ethemet SX (m)----26-300-150-
40Gb Ethemet (m)------100330150550
100 Gb Ethemet (m)------100100-150
FDDIPMD (m)-----2000-2000--

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Patch cord

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